Analogue Synth Ensemble

Performing at the Tetley Weekender 2016

Banner for the Tetley Weekender 2016
Playing compositions by Ewan Stafani, the Analogue Synth Ensemble was a cast of 15 musicians, including myself, many of whom had never played together before, let alone in a synth ensemble. We rehearsed the pieces and developed them in a group setting over one month at Fuse Arts Space, Bradford. Each piece allowed for some free imrpovisation resulting in a patter of order -> chaos -> order. Each musician used an identical Novation Bass-sttion II analogue synthesiser. They were then performed at the Tetley Weekender in July 2016 for a special one off performance of:
  • 30 Oscillators
  • Tone-to-noise
  • Play Any White Note
Credits to James Islip for photography. Jez-Riley French for audio.