Lukas Hornby

Composer | Creative Producer | Artist | Musician | DJ | VJ

Performing internationally as GRST and based in Bradford, the 2025 UK City of Culture, Lukas Hornby’s performances are a personal act of healing from bereavement. He performs solo, in duos and ad-hoc improvising orchestras of 12+ enjoying the essential act of listening when improvising with others - comfortable in factories, neon workshops, open fields and woodlands, as well as traditional performance spaces. Inspirations range from the sensation of textures in music, hidden sound outside our normal range of hearing, and sonic juxtapositions of ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’.

As a composer his work is emerging in a non-notated form from his improvisatory roots, making use of moving image cues, graphic notation, and algorithms. He is seeking to strengthen his compositional skill-set through self-directed study, coaching and mentoring. He is beginning to realise a project that captures the playfulness and modularity of a marble run and to turn this into a physics-based sequencer/compositional tool.

He is director/digital producer of UK-wide experimental music network ‘Outlands’ and manager of performance space & gallery ‘FUSE’ in Bradford and a volunteer for Bradford Producing Hub’s Creativity Council.


Jul 10, 2022 Accepted onto Bradford Producing Hub's mentoring scheme
Jul 3, 2022 Successful in applying for MAX Mentoring
Jun 24, 2022 Released today exclusively artist-owned platform, - 'Neon Wakefield'
Jan 11, 2022 Debut EP ‘container+=object’ released today!

selected releases

  1. Electro-Magnetic: Drones & Percussion #1
    Electro-Magnetic: Drones & Percussion #1
  2. container+=object