Altared Lane

An Outlands commmision for radio broadcast in 2022

Presented by Outlands Network, The Joyous Thing is an annual gathering for the UK experimental music community and anyone with a curious ear. The event features an in person programme at MK Gallery, with newly commissioned works by Coby Sey, TACO!, ame, Lost Property, Eastern Ear, MK Gallery/Simon Wright, Tor Festival, Daniel W G Mackenzie, and Lukas Hornby; and live performances from emerging artists I Am Fya and Euso, plus DJ sets from Outlands members.

Made for radio broadcast during Outland’s Resoance Extra Takeover, this was group composition of haunted sound-geographies by Hannah Lamb, David Carpenter, Stu Bannister & Lukas Hornby.

Using un-treated and modified field recordings produced with open source software we assemble a kind-of history of Altar Lane, which delineates two historical landed-estates between Bingley and Keighly in West Yorkshire. The score was created using the linear geography of Altar Lane, its real history and imagined encounters along the route. The intention was to re-create a walk with the focus drifting from the now to day-dreams and imaginings.

Each aritst contribution was submitted as invidual tracks or samples. I assembled them according to our score adding musical elements where called for. The final mixdown and mastering was made by myself.