I am beginning to compose an album! I’ve never done this before, nothing quite this ambitious anyway. It will be full of personal reflections and milestones from my life. I don’t know what shape it will take but I’m willing to embrace lots of different styles across however many tracks it will have, and to harness all the weird energy of my accumulated studio ‘instruments’. I would like to think that my foray into midi-turtablism will feature on some of the pieces too.

Mentoring - I had a great one-off mentoring session with Jess Walker at the the Royal Academy of Music, courtesy of MAX Mentoring

I have also begun a longer program of mentoring with Anamaria Wills. She is the go-to for anyone in the creative sector. We first worked together in 2013 when I was establishing Chapel Street Studio. All of that valuable advice has been with me since. Now I am embarking on a 16-hour program with her to prepare myself for interviews with Sound and Music’s New Voices scheme.

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