I am delighted to announce that an R&D project that I have been invited to participate in has been awarded funding from Bradford Producing Hub(BPH). BPH hascommission seven new projects via the third and final round of Make Work. This includes David Carpenter’s project ‘A Sense of Place’ - an immersive outdoor experience connecting people - which will invite 5 artist-collaborators based in Bingley to generate research for the project. The outcome will be a better understanding of how people sense sound, including those with profound hearing loss. It will also look at how sonic art and field recording can be experienced when combined with other creative activties like drawing, listening, painting and more.

We have previsouly all worked togther to participate in International Dawn Chorus Day on 1st May 2022. My part in this project is to research into the participatory element of sound and field recording and to asssit with the event planning.

For me, it is exciting that a project was selected by BPH with such great interest in sound art, the art of listneing and of field recording. This shows BPH’s commitment to nuturing an under-represented area of live-art and an appetite by audiences in the Bradford Dsitrict for this type of performance.

Expect the public aspects of the project to be delivered from now until May 2023 with events entering around key moments in the solar calendar. More information on the wider Make Work program can be read in this Press release

All the the Make Work 2022 Awardees