On Sunday 6th October, we welcomed a group of young people into FUSE as part of a BCBs new ‘Youth in Music’ project.

Young people watch as I demonstrate using a live sound mixer

Youth Music Live! is a project to help musical young people in the Bradford district express themselves. They train young people as radio presenters and we provide developmental opportunities for young musicians by scheduling masterclasses in different styles of music venue. You can read about the project here.

As the day was the first of a series, it was very much an open forum. I was delighted to take the young people through the process of setting up ready for a gig and they set up alongside me. I talked about the wider implications of being a DIY venue and some tips and tricks for getting into gigging.

Then it was onto Dean McPhee, who did a run-through of a new tune then walked-through all of the gear that goes into his live sets and his process of song-writing. The Q&A continued well after the official event had ended, Dean definitely attracts a lot of intrigue.

Here are some interviews that were made with the young people, talking about their experiences of the music industry and what they got out of the day:

bcbradio ·
It was a pleasure to be a part of the first Masterclass. We need more young people getting into music and more importantly, finding their own ways into the industry that fits their own creative process, not dictated by the trends of the day. I wish the young people luck and hope they enjoy the next stage of their journey with BCB our other awesome music venues on Bradford.